20th October - 10th November 2019


Thursday - Sunday 10am - 3pm



51 Queen St Masterton


To order an image or inquire about an image in the on-line gallery, go to the gallery page for the image you are interested in and click on the Ordering and details button below it.

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The artists will accept commissions for one-off images. 20% of the agreed fee is payable prior to commencement, the balance is due on delivery. All pastel works will be framed. Pencil images can be supplied unframed if requested.

Delivery is free within the Masterton area. Postage and packaging will be charged for courier deliveries to other areas.



Carol painting

Carol Banner

Carol Banner is an accomplished Pastel and pencil artist who lives in the Wairarapa district of New Zealand.

In the on-line slideshow you can see a changing collection of twenty pastel and pencil works. All are for sale.

Carol is mainly influenced by the Art Nouveau era which was largely based on nature and natural shapes and forms. The work of M.C.Escher has also had a big influence. His sense of design, use of space, perspective and mathematics was truly innovative, along with his mixture of fantasy, distortion and metamorphosis. The foundation for Carol's work is nature with slight variations so anything different appeals to her, hence the name for her work "Natural Fantasy".

AJ Hunter

AJ Hunter

Like Carol he is a fan of Escher and Art Nouveau, and his second exhibition was a joint venture with Carol.

His first public exhibition depicted iconic Wellington landscapes that either haven't existed or won't exist for centuries.

This third exhibition depicts Wellington views after 100 years of sea level rise caused by global warming, and are accurate digital photographic reconstructions of well known public places, like the Railway Station and the Carillon.

His biggest influences are Roger Dean, Maxfield Parrish, Mucha, HR Giger, Dali, Magritte and MC Escher. Closer to home he shares many of the same influences as his friend Carol Banner.

Alex Bruce

Alex Bruce

1999 - Design School under Trevor Morris
2002 - First solo exhibition at Wai Art Club
2005 - Solo exhibition at Prime Art Space
2016 - Solo exhibition at 51 Queen St.

See more about Alex's work in this exhibition, here on Facebook